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Our owners are at the heart of our operations. As one of our most important partners, we understand and are honored by the trust you place in us when you partner with us. 

We are always here to help with any questions or concerns you may have, which is why we have put together several frequently asked questions (FAQs) and easy to complete forms to assist you. If you do not, however, find the information you need, please do not hesitate to contact our Owner Relations team at 405-605-8362. 


If you need to change your address or would like to set up direct deposit, please complete the appropriate form below and email it to OwnerRelations@rbluff.com or mail it to:

Red Bluff Resources
3030 NW Expressway, Suite 900
Oklahoma City, OK 73112

Change of Address
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Direct Deposit
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General FAQs

Division Order FAQs

A division order is a record of your interest in a specific well. It contains your name, address, decimal interest, the spacing unit acreage, legal description of the well, interest type, allocation factor (if applicable), well number and well name. Division orders are issued to all owners in a specific well after the well has had first sales of either oil or gas.

Amended division orders will be issued if a well undergoes a “rework” of ownership due to a spacing unit change, updated title information, or revised allocation factors. Amended division orders will also be issued when a transfer of interest occurs between two or more parties.

You should only receive a division order if your interest has been calculated for a well’s initial disbursement or has been affected by some change that has occurred. Upon examination of your division orders, you should keep one copy for your records and remit an executed copy back to Red Bluff.

Your net revenue interest (NRI) is equal to the number of net mineral acres (NMA) you own divided by the spacing unit acreage established for the well multiplied by the base royalty provided for in your oil and gas lease.

Formula: (Net Mineral Acres/Spacing Unit Acreage) x Royalty Rate

Example: If you own 10 net acres in a 640-acre spacing unit and your lease provides for a 3/16ths royalty, your interest is calculated as:

10 (NMA)/640 (Spacing Unit Acreage) x 3/16 (Royalty Rate) = 0.00292968

If you own an interest in an Oklahoma multi-unit well, your decimal calculated above would then be multiplied by the allocation factor for the section in which you own. The allocation factor for a multi-unit well is set forth in the Property Description section in the top left of your division order. The allocation factor is determined by dividing the length of the completion interval located within the affected unit by the entire length of the completion interval in the subject multi-unit horizontal well.

Example: In the same scenario above, if the allocation factor for the section in which you own was 50%, your calculation would be as follows:

10 (NMA)/640 (Spacing Unit Acreage) x 3/16 (Royalty Rate) x 50% (Allocation Factor) = 0.00146484

A copy of the requirement(s) should be included with your division order and/or indicated on the special clauses line of the division order form. If you did not receive a copy of the title requirement(s), please email OwnerRelations@rbluff.com or OwnerRelations@bricktownenergy.com.

If you have received notification your interest is subject to one or more title requirements, you may need to consult a qualified legal representative to discuss how to satisfy the title requirement(s).

Your account may be in suspense for one of the following reasons:

  • Title requirement
  • Address unknown
  • Uncashed revenue check
  • The revenue accrued is under the minimum release threshold per applicable state statute

Following a well’s first production, a revenue check will be issued within the state’s applicable statutory period regarding initial production revenue disbursement, assuming none of the above apply.

If you determine there are discrepancies with how your interest has been calculated, please provide in writing a full explanation of how you believe your interest should be calculated along with the supporting documentation to OwnerRelations@rbluff.com or OwnerRelations@bricktownenergy.com, or mail to:

Red Bluff Resources Operating LLC 3030 NW Expressway, Suite 900 Oklahoma City, OK 73112

Name Change FAQs

Please submit marriage certificate, divorce decree reinstating maiden name or another document affecting name change.

Please submit a certificate of name change including tax ID.
Please submit a certificate of merger including tax ID.
Please submit a copy of the power of attorney.
Please submit complete divorce decree including settlement agreement, recorded conveyances (if appropriate).
Please submit conveyance filed of record in the county/parish in which the property is located
Please submit complete divorce decree including settlement agreement, recorded conveyances (if appropriate).

Trust Or Partnership Change FAQs

Please submit a trust or partnership agreement and recorded document conveying the interest in a property to a trust or partnership.
Please submit dissolution of trust or partnership and, if appropriate, recorded conveyances to the beneficiary.
Please submit the instrument whereby the successor trustee was appointed.
Please submit death certificate of joint tenant.

Estate Proceeding FAQs

Please submit:

  • Death certificate
  • Order admitting the will to Probate
  • Letters testamentary
  • Last will and testament
  • Final decree of distribution or judgment of possession

Please submit:

  • Death certificate proceedings
  • Last will and testament
  • Letters testamentary
  • Order admitting will to Probate
  • Final decree of distribution or judgment of possession
  • Documentation of ancillary probate proceedings opened in all affected states or affidavit of heirship

Please submit:

  • Death certificate
  • Letters of administration
  • Affidavit of heirship
  • Life tenant’s death certificate
  • Name and addresses of remaindermen


Please submit plan of reorganization
Please submit recorded conveyance (as appropriate) and an order naming trustee of bankruptcy estate

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