A Proven History of Operational Excellence


Red Bluff Resources is a private exploration and production company based in Oklahoma City. Founded in 2015, we are one of the largest and most active private operators in Oklahoma’s Anadarko Basin.

As a leader in drilling and completion concepts, design and installation of midstream assets, fresh and produced water handling systems, and power infrastructures, Red Bluff is committed to low-cost, high-return operations. A mission we diligently pursue on our own assets, as well as those we contract operator for others within the play.


Experienced Leadership

Our leadership team has over 15 decades of combined oil and gas experience, with substantial operational and geological expertise in most of North America’s unconventional and conventional plays. As a result, we know the importance of getting things right from the very start, which is why we put an emphasis on every step in the process. From evaluating new opportunities, acquisitions, and acreage for selecting and drilling a location, we always do our homework to ensure we can deliver the low-cost, high-return operations we are known for.

Our attention to detail does not stop there though. Through real-time data monitoring and advanced analytics, we quickly make adjustments to minimize risk and maximize production throughout the lifecycle of our wells.

red bluff meeting about operations in the basin

Dedicated Neighbors

We live where we work and work where we live, which is why our commitment to safe, environmentally friendly operations is more than a job – it is personal.

Red Bluff employees are continuously trained to ensure they know exactly what to do to work safely and protect themselves, their neighbors, and the communities where we operate. We don’t stop there though. We partner closely with local first responders, community leaders and others to ensure safe, secure operations as we work together for a brighter future in all the places we call home. Learn more about our local partnership efforts.